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The most critical part of creating a quote is listening to your requirements
Send me your scope of work. Include the type of project you require wether it be: Exteriors Photography | Interiors Photography | Industrial Photography | Commercial RE Photography | Lifestyle Photography | Product Photography | Corporate Heashot Portraits

Include any specific requirements and total anticipated number of final images required.

My quotes are simple. Almost all of my quotes only include three fees:

Photography and Lighting Production Total Number of Hours
Post Production or Digital Editing Total Number of Hours
One-Time, Lump Sum Usage Fee for All Final Images
I do not charge travel miles to get to your project and if your project ends up being a multiple-day project, I do not charge over night stay fees. I always try to provide additional drone arieal exteriors for exterior projects and do not charge any additonal fees for these.

Once we agree on a quote, your final invoice will always be exactly the same as the quote. I will never add additional fees once we begin the project.